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Will Writing

Executing a Will ensures that your estate is divided according to your own wishes, not in the standard way dictated by the Law of Intestacy. A Will is especially important if you have dependents who rely on you financially or if you wish to benefit non-family members. A carefully drafted Will can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax payable, thus leaving more to those you care about. A Will can also be used to give other instructions such as appointment of guardians for minors or funeral arrangements.

Whilst you may not expect a firm of chartered accountants to provide a Will writing service, it is actually a logical extension to the planning and tax advice which we provide to our clients and their families.

We will assist you through the process and guide you as to the factors you need to consider, tailoring our advice to your individual circumstances.

Lasting Powers of Attorney [LPAs]

Equally important, you should consider having in place LPAs in case you are incapacitated, either temporarily or permanently. This could be because of advance age, an accident or illness.

LPAs relate to both for both financial affairs and health matters and it is important to consider these separately.

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